Thursday, February 23, 2012

We're On Our Way!!!!

Today's the day. Thursday, February 23, 2011 we begin the first "real" leg of our Pacific passage. We hope that the name "pacific"" really does mean peaceful. We tried to call some folks last night, but the cell service was not working. We apologize, we really wanted to chat with some of you before we actually departed.

We will try to post to the log daily with our position. However, please do not worry if we don't post. There could be any number of reasons for that from seas too rough to write or a computer or radio issue. So don't worry – remember if we are in trouble we have an EPIRB (radio beacon) we can set off in a real emergency .

Our time to pull anchor is around noon – we still have a few last tie downs and we have to put "Otis" (the windvane) together (which means getting the rudder and paddle on). Plus, we just need to check the cabin to make sure nothing will take to the air and break. But otherwise, we feel ready. The wind should be okay as we leave Panama's Las Perlas islands, but it looks very light as we get further and further south. But that's a long way off and things can change quickly.

The trip to the Galapagos is about 850 miles. Depending on winds and currents that could take us anywhere from five days to twelve days. The average for most boats has been about ten days.

We'll have fishing lines out and hope for a smooth passage.

So here's the Latitude and longitude starting point:
N 08.37.16
W 079.02.29

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