Sunday, February 5, 2012

Visiting Pedro

We departed the island of San Jose after one night and had a nice sail to Pedro Gonzales – another lovely island with sandy beaches, interesting rock islands and not many boats. We anchored near one sailboat along a sandy beach. Michael and Lorna started work on making a new dinghy cover. They had an assembly line of sorts going making a pattern off the old cover and cutting and sewing the new pieces. Dave and Barbara decided to swim to the beach. The water was very murky and it was hard to see anything until you got very shallow and could see some fish amongst the rocks.

That evening, the wind came up quite strong and we got a big swell so we moved the boat closer to the other shoreline for some protection. It wasn't a very comfortable night with the wind hooting and the waves crashing against the hull.

The next day, the water was still very murky, so after some sewing by the dinghy cover team, we all headed on a dinghy exploration. We went to a little island with a cross on it and some steps carved into the rock. Don't know if its a grave (perhaps Pedro Gonzales for whom the island is named?) or just a monument. But we climbed up to it and enjoyed a nice view. Then we dinghied to the beach and walked the long beach collecting some very pretty shells and rocks. Lorna will have new things to put in or near her backyard ponds.

After a more pleasant night at anchor, we left for a new location. We headed to Mogo Mogo. We settled in the cut between Isla Chapera and Mogo Mogo along another beautiful sandy beach. No fish caught on the trip – but we tried. We snorkeled that afternoon in a great spot – the visibility was much improved. Saw all kinds of interesting fish, eels and rays. Very cool. Lorna unfortunately got wrapped with a jelly fish and felt some stings – bummer. Thank goodness for meat tenderizer!

This seems to be a hot spot for local "party" boats. Three came in after we anchored. Lots of music but luckily no jet skis. They left before sunset and we had the place to ourselves again. It's Saturday so we'll see what happens today. Though when we awoke, there are two large Panama Navy ships anchored behind us and lots of launch trips to shore filled with naval personnel. It looks like a military base at the far end of this island (last night we thought it was a home -but upon further binocular observation – we think its a military base.) The ships out here helped give us a clue!
We'll snorkel today for sure – its a sunny lovely morning. Could be a hot one. Last night in the Perlas with our guests – and then back to Panama City.

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