Monday, March 5, 2012

At Anchor After Eleven Days

Passage from Panama City to Galapagos
Day Eleven
Noon, Sunday, March 4 to 1130, Monday, March 5
Anchor Position at 1130: S 00.57.886 / W 090.57.744
Distance covered in 23.5 hours: 79 nautical miles
Distance Covered from Panama City: 1020.6 nautical miles
Fish Caught Today: 0 (though 1 if we were paying attention)
Fish Caught on Trip: 2 (not kept)
Motoring: 22 hours
Sailing: 0 hours
Drifting: 2 hours

We are at anchor. An eleven day passage complete. No fish brought on board. But we are safely at anchor and still talking to each other. We are in the Galapagos Islands. And the sailboat "Beagle" is here – how appropriate. We anchored near Isla Isabella – the largest of the Galapagos Islands – and sort of shaped like a sea horse. It is a volcanic island and quite green and lush with areas of dark lava. More on the island and the town when we get ashore.

The project now is to get the boat back in order and wait to do the clearance dance. We have an agent so we simply wait for word from here and the port captain's arrival to our boat. We are anchored with 4 other sailboats in a small anchorage and there are about four larger tour boats here as well. As we came in to look for our spot to drop the hook, we noticed a sea lion comfortably settled on the swim platform of one of the other sailboats. He looked quite at home.

More later – now it will be nice to relax and get more than three hours of sleep at once time.

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