Friday, March 9, 2012


First, there are a few pics from our crossing and here on Isabella that have been posted.

Okay you armchair travelers – we know you want photos. And trust us, we try. Our written descriptions don't quite cut it in this visual world. BUT – please understand how this all works from the boat. We don't have access to the internet all the time. Sometimes we are lucky and get it on the boat thanks to a signal that comes into where we are anchored and our "extra" antenna can pick it up (and it is unlocked). Sometimes we have to go into town with our computer and find a free wi-fi (usually requires the purchase of a meal or drinks). Sometimes we buy internet through the phone service if we can make it work with our "stick" and it is reasonably priced (the sim card and service). And sometimes we have none available (when we are underway or usually when we just get into port and haven't figured out what's available.) So without internet – no photos. Simple as that.

So, you ask yourselves, how do we update the blog and send emails.

Magic. Simple as that!

We get e-mail through our sailmail address only and that is through a whole different system – the SSB radio. That works as long as the computer and the SSB radio are working and signal propagation is good. But that system is bandwidth limited and allows only text sending (thus the blog updates with words) but no attachments or photos or such. So we do try hard for getting photos on as soon as possible. And it takes a fair amount of time.(For all you teckies, google Sailmail and you will get all the info you will need to really explain how it works).

If someone or some company wants to send us a satellite phone and package of unlimited data, we'll be happy top post pictures more often!

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