Friday, March 30, 2012

What a Difference a Day Makes

Day 7 – Current Position 02.59.41 South by 92.35.97 West (as of 0835 Fri., March 30, 2012

Go to our position report and see what our track has been and you'll see that in the first five days we didn't move very fast or far. In the last day, however, we at least made progress – in fact, making more progress in the last 24 hours than we did in the first five days. The winds have started to pick up for us a bit and we are FINALLY out of the adverse current (or at least we hope so). The current seemed to change around 2 am this morning. There were lots of big fishing boats in the area – so we're guessing that the current change might be a hot fishing zone.

We did see six fishing boats last night – quite large and lit up like Times Square at New Year's. They looked to be netters and all similar. There was a group of three and then a few hours later another group of three. Our fishing fates haven't been very good though we were optimistic about yesterday because we actually were at fish catching speed (at least 5 knots) for a little while. Perhaps because its Friday - we'll catch a fish dinner tonight. Optimistic thinking!

It's been cloudier – and a few light squalls nearby – but nothing substantial. We are getting really good and fast at sail changes. Life aboard is settling into a good pattern and we seem to be adjusting better with the three hour chunks of sleep time at night and some daytime napping. We're luckily still enjoying some fresh veggies and are eating quite well.

Not much else to report – we hope the breeze stays steady. We are trying to head more west as we don't want to get south too quickly. We understand you lose the good current if you get above 4 or 5 degrees. And we just got the good current. We'll get across 3 degrees south today and hope to ride west for awhile. But the winds will make that call!

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