Sunday, March 4, 2012

Passage from Panama City to Galapagos

Day Nine
Noon, Friday, March 2, 2012 to Noon, Saturday, March 3, 2012
Noon Position: S 00.21.61 / W 089.20.80
Distance covered in 24 hours: 123 nautical miles
Distance Covered from Panama City: 871.6 nautical miles
Fish Caught Today: 0
Fish Caught on Trip: 2 (not kept)
Motoring: 0 hours
Sailing: 24 hours
Drifting: 0 hours

It was a good sailing day – at least until we got to the Southern Hemisphere where the wind abruptly stopped. We tried the drifter, various sail combinations and no luck grabbing the mere wisp of air so we have slowed way down after another productive day making headway. In fact, we were doing so good, we notified our agent that we would be in on Sunday. (Now that won't be the case).

We did manage to get our ship's knot meter calibrated – the old fashioned way. This is the little paddle wheel that's in the water and tells us how fast we go through the water – taking into consideration the current, tides etc. Timing how long a 25 foot line took to tighten when tossed overboard. Of course we did this many, many times to get an average. This method came from one of Michael's sailing mentors Keith White in Portland Oregon many years ago. We think it worked and it did entertain us for at least an hour. Now we can have a better estimate of the currents and their speed when we compare the through the water log with the speed over ground.

No fish again - getting frustrated because we have been certainly going fast enough. Every lure in the box has been tested. As we get closer to the Galapagos we are seeing more and more birds – mostly boobies, but not much other sea life.

A few more days and we should be there...hopefully. With no wind it is hot near the equator.

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