Thursday, March 1, 2012

Drifting in the Currents

Passage from Panama City to Galapagos
Day Six
Noon, Tuesday, February 28 to Noon, Wednesday, February 29
Noon Pcsition: N 03.20.61 / W 084.19.29
Distance covered in 24 hours: 64 nautical miles
Distance Covered from Panama City: 510.6 nautical miles
Fish Caught Today: 0
Fish Caught on Trip: 1 (not kept)
Motoring: 0 hours
Sailing: 15 hours
Drifting: 9 hours

It was another slow day with flat calm most of the day making it hot and frustrating. Luckily we have a current that pushes us along at between 1.5 and 2.5 knots as we drift. At about 2100, a mere wisp of air came up and we were able to start sailing – and moving the phenomenal speed of 2.8 knots – barely beating the current. Throughout the night, the wind picked up as did our speed. By early morning, we were on a close reach doing 5.7 knots and we sailed the rest of the morning through this position report.

Fish lines were in but no joy. Michael tackled another project, a jammed whisker pole. No joy and the seas built so he'd continue tomorrow. This "crazy water" was totally unexpected. It gets old getting tossed around in it.

For those looking for updated "position reports" on the "Where are we" page – sorry, but we can't seem to get the reports to post on the system.
We are checking in nightly to the Pacific Seafarers net – and they post a position report to their website. Go to and follow the links to either Shiptrak or Yotreps. Our call sign is KI4QYN. So check that out.

Short entry – seas are too rough to write easily or for a long time below decks.

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