Sunday, January 25, 2009

From the other boat system

We are getting excited and frustrated at the same time. Don't quite know how that is possible. This is really another test to see if we can use all the methods available by HF to update this page. The last note from the boat was from the paid system, this is by winlink. The one Michael had to learn code for, and then learned if he waited two months code would not have been required for his ham license. Not bitter at all!!!

Anyway. Sitting on the boat this morning listening to the Cruisheimers net on the SSB and will send this out after the net. We have heard from Jack and he is making good progress, I hope we can catch up to him sometime soon. Todays projects include a thorough emptying of the garage and cleaning it out. Then if time permits a trip up the mast to replace the mast head tri-color light with LED bulbs. We really are trying to get completely out of the house by Wednesday. We will see!

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