Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wine In Socks

As Michael wrote earlier - we had a terrific gathering of some close sailing friends on Sunday evening at Richard and Rene's (thanks) was potluck and we pigged out on great food. A special thank you to all who came and thanks for the wine. As is our ritual, we put wine bottles in socks so they don't clang and break in the bilge where they are stored. Many of our friends delivered their treats in socks of every size and shape - Sandy B's hospital hose; a lovely bright red pair of sailing socks (that we can use after we drink); a very clever sock drawing complete with Astarte hat from JC and Becky; a new pair of fancy "polo" socks and many more...

Plus Michael is the proud owner of some new flip slops - but not just any kind...these can open a beer bottle! Yup - the latest in must have summer attire. Thanks to Sandy, Bill, Richard and Rene.

We will toast you as we sip your gifts in different ports and try to capture the moment and blog it. You guys are all great and we'll miss you.

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