Saturday, January 24, 2009

Helping Jump Start the Economy


A new man is in the White House and we're doing our part to help him get off to a good start by helping the economy. We are spending like we're going away for years!!! (oh wait, we are.)

Provisioning continues - the once clean front room is filling up with bags and bags of food stuffs. (Sorry about all the plastic landfill - we will recycle - but even we don't have enough canvas bags to cover this kind of shopping.) The med kits and first aid lockers are done and on-board. The meat is bought. Froze the steaks, burgers, pork chops, pork loin, pork tenderloin and chicken. Cooked a lot yesterday (a roast beef, pork loin and meatloaf) and packed, sealed and froze those. Don't know how much the freezer will actually hold - guess we won't be taking the much loved Ben & Jerry's.

Today just got back from another provisioning run, coupons in hand. Needed two carts by the end...filling them with lots of canned goods (of every ethnic original for menu variety), side dishes, soups, oatmeal, veggies etc. Taking a lot less canned soups and veggies this time - though right now it doesn't look it.

It's been a frustrating few days - still dealing with insurance companies (which we are beginning to really hate). You have to jump through so many hoops to give them your money. It's just crazy.

More runs to CASA (charity) with clothes and household stuff; on with things like slide trays to give-away etc. Michael has the garage in pretty good shape now. That was his project the last few days. We also have started the clothes (part deux) purging. Michael's done most of his - Barbara is struggling more (mostly because she anticipates a change in sizes through the trip - hopeful? perhaps - but last time it worked!)

"Do I take these or not - aren't we gonna be naked most of the time??"

Michael has discovered a much needed storage area on the boat - a big space between the lazarette (aft lockers) and the aft cabin. It takes some struggling to get there - but it's great for things like a scuba tank, toilet paper, paper towels and perhaps some "sucked down bags" of towels and linens or our cold clothes once we get out of Florida.

Truck is being advertised on Craig's list and in the paper...hopefully we have it priced for a quick sale (though we need it through next Friday).

The work Sunday is when we'd like to leave (pending all the insurance, truck sale etc.) Time is definitely ticking and we can't wait too much longer and go the route we intend. Hope the stars start aligning for us.

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