Monday, January 19, 2009

An update from on board Astarte

We are still tied to the dock, but getting closer and closer every hour. Spent today on some boat projects and working on the first aid kit. Boy are over the counter drugs expensive. Michael worked on the extra lock for the hatch to the main cabin, fixed a leak in the head and finished the plumbing to make the engine raw water pump and emergency bilge pump. Had to install some extra hose and a strainer. I sure hope we don't have to ever use it, but it is there if we do.

Barbara made the run to the local CVS and Walgreens to finish out our supplies. Our mantra is if we have it on board we won't ever need it. Lots of stuff, but we can always share it if we don't need it. We also have someone looking at the house tonight. Keep your fingers crossed.

This is the first attempt to send from our email system on the boat. We sure hope this one works. We will see.

We had a great going away party last night. Our best friend Richard and Rene were kind enough to throw it for us(it is turning into a ritual, they threw us the last one in 2000). We had a great time and got to see lots and lots of our very good sailing friends, tell a few stories and share some great memories. Now for some new ones.

Thanks again to all that were able to attend.

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