Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oatmeal and Tuna and Beans...Oh My!

Provisioning continues - most of the food and paper products are bought (except for the last minute breads, cheeses, butters, milk etc). Now comes the real challenge - fitting it onto the boat. It looks like so much. Let me know if you want the complete list of what I've got - I have an inventory. The goal was to get as much in the states as possible - it's cheaper than on the islands and you can't find everything (like Ritz crackers and artichoke hearts). We'll eat fresh whenever possible. There are provisioning stops along the way - but this is the major one. When we get to the San Blas Islands (off Panama) - there will be no easy provisioning. So this will come in handy. I've spent close to $1000 on food (including meat), cleaning supplies, and paper products.

Still trying to sell the truck - and Michael has some folks interested in buying a big scuba tank (he's gonna replace it with a smaller one - again that limited space thing). Still waiting on health insurance - though it looks like the boat insurance is just about done. One down - one to go!

Today's agenda - a meeting with the attorney to finish up some stuff; storage unit filling (today is the rest of the furniture to see what really fits) and starting to do fuel runs for the boat. Michael's been doing lots of boat projects (installing a new lock on the hatch; putting our lights and whistles on our new life jackets; and organizing.)

On Sunday - I hauled his butt up the mast - and made him make all kind of promises to me(before I would bring him down!)...he changed the tri-color light bulb to a LED (energy saving); strung several yards of fishing line to keep the osprey off(didn't work); checked all the rigging; put on the radar reflector; and put stainless wire over the spreaders to keep birds off(did work). Off to the attorney, more later!

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