Thursday, January 15, 2009

Astarte Log - Part Two

As we've been saying - this is indeed a work in progress. So welcome to the NEW Log of the sailboat Astarte (at least we think so - though we'll try a few more tests from the boat via the SSB radio). We have had to change our blog so we can actually update this from Astarte while we are underway. This is the first post to the new page - and we will be adding and editing as we get time.

We will be keeping the old one "up" on the site for a little while, but it will be shut down in a month or two. As soon as this one is up to our minimum standards: it works from the boat and is readable. We will not be posting new entries to the old one, so if you have bookmarked the old blog page, change to this one.

Sorry for any confusion and work on your part - but we're working out the kinks. You can always get to this link through the web page - and don't forget to check that out as well. You can see where we are when we are actually underway. The countdown is on - the cleaning, storing, address changing, meetings, insurance getting, good bye events continue.

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