Saturday, January 31, 2009


Where oh where will it all go? We keep emptying the house and garage and loading things on the boat - but the boat space is quickly disappearing. Every little "hidey hole" seems to be filed with the appropriate container to take full advantage of that space. We've squeezed rolls of toilet paper and paper towels into every spare inch and still looking for some space for glass salsa and pickle jars! The good news is that we fit all the wine (in socks) under the floor boards. (Thanks guys!) So at least we'll enjoy some nice wine. The V-berth is now the boat's "attic" - but guests - fear-not - we'll make room for you to visit.

The storage unit is filled to the brim (we're still saving way too much stuff). But the good news is the house is relatively empty.

We've spent the last several days going through a series of emotions. Exhilaration - we are going cruising!! (hopefully soon!) Exhaustion - loading stuff, stuffing stuff. Frustration - breaking things or finding broken things. Anger - a distinct dislike of insurance companies. (hint: don't take care of yourself by having any tests - they will be held against you by insurance companies!!!) Disappointment - we won't be leaving on Sunday. Gratefulness - for a terrific family and friends. And for each other.

Hopefully departure will be mid- to late next week. We can't afford to stay here - we keep going out to dinners with friends and spending way too much money (though we're enjoying the company, laughs and tasty treats and adult beverages.)

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