Thursday, February 5, 2009

Can't Sail Without Water

There's been plenty of wind the last few days - that's usually good for sailboats. What's not good is when that wind comes from the North - it empties water from Tampa Bay (and overpowers the incoming tides). That means we didn't have enough water to actually leave today. The flats across from our house were visible all day long. The birds love the flats for feeding. The boat, though remains at dock. Getting off the boat this morning - I had to climb up the ramp to the dock - it was the lowest we've ever seen the water. In 2000 when we tried to leave - the same conditions prevailed. Maybe it's our karma.

The delays continue...Mother Nature is now making the calls. It's also cold, cold, cold - at least for Florida. It was down to almost freezing last night (for all you Midwesterners and northerners - I know that gets no sympathy). This weekend it should also warm up some which means maybe we can leave more cold weather clothes behind. We could use the room on board.

The house is just about ready. We'll shut the water heater off (as soon as we get that last hot shower) and unplug the refrigerator. We cleaned much of the day since we weren't going anywhere. No renters in sight - so that's frustrating.

The truck is sold. Cable is shut off. The TV is in storage. The house is empty. The trash can is filled. And we are sooooooo ready to go. The boat used to be a 4 1/2 foot draft - now it's probably 5 1/2 feet - she's sitting mighty low in the water with a full fuel tank, full water tank, spare fuel in jugs, a boatload of food, spare parts, and gear and lots of books. The goal is to read 'em and trade them for smaller books!!! Also, we should lose some weight which will help. The fuel and water tanks will also lighten as time passes (though obviously will get refilled).

So the waiting game continues. Hang in there with us - we promise we'll get away soon and you won't have to hear about packing and provisioning much more.

Special thanks to all our friends who've helped as we've lost transportation - Ted and Vicki for letting us borrow their truck to make the truck transfer; Richard and Rene for letting us borrow their car to do the things we forgot to do the day before; and Gene and Pat for the invite to dinner (and taking our leftover stuff - including bay leaves!!)

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