Monday, February 9, 2009

218 miles…46 hours…anchored in Marathon

Leg one is done and we are sitting at anchor off Boot Key Harbor in Marathon in the Florida Keys. We will cross to the Bahamas when weather permits (looking like a possible Thursday opportunity). There are lots of other boats out here as well - but everyone is staying below because of some steady winds and choppy seas. For us its nap time - catching up on some sleep after those three hour watches over two nights.

It was a good trip down the west coast of Florida and we sailed most of the way - saving fossil fuel and boat units. The engine went on only when we dropped to .6 knots and had an infestation of little bugs that seemed to find the boat in the middle of nowhere. A few hours of motoring cleared the little critters - then the wind came up and the engine went back off. Plus it's better to hit one of the hundreds of crab traps under sail rather than wrapping a propeller. The seas got pretty lumpy
on night two - but bearable.

We are glad to be down here - and ready to jump across the stream to our first foreign port of call - The Bahamas.

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