Saturday, February 7, 2009

We didn't start our trip today!!

For those of you that follow nautical lore, it is bad luck to start a voyage on Friday. We are staging in preparation for a start tomorrow Saturday, February 7, 2009. We are safely(but still coldly) anchored in the Manatee river and will head south tomorrow. Barbara is tidying up the cabin,(really just making room to sit down). It is pretty packed below on Astarte. We will slowly but surely get rid of stuff and pair down our stuff. "Too much stuff" (take a listen to that john prine song!)

Weather is supposed to be good through the weekend and into next week. Warmer temps, but relatively calm winds. May have to burn some fossil fuel to get to Marathon. So far so good.

You can start to check out the "where are we" section of our website ( and see where we are! As we continue the cruise it should be updated regularly when the SSB radio is activated. The page does take a bit to load - so for you impatient folks, get a cup a coffee while it's loading.

The cruise officially starts tomorrow - February 7, 2009. 02/07/09. That has a nice ring to it. We are so ready to get this adventure started. Thanks for all your well wishes, support and help through these months - whether it was just listening to us whine, sending us messages of encouragement or lending us an attic or car or taking us to dinner. We sincerely thank you.

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