Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Wind is Hootin'

Still anchored at Big Major's Spot being patient while waiting for the weather to change. Yesterday and today it's been really blowing - well over 20 consistently and gusting much higher. We watched squalls around us - but we didn't get any rain (and we wouldn't mind a soaking to get the decks desalinated.) So we sit and do projects.

Yesterday (Monday) Michael put a steadying sail up to see if he could keep us from sailing at anchor so badly. It may be making a little difference in how fast we swing - but not how much we swing. But anything helps.

It was also cleaning day. The cockpit got a good cleaning as did the chart table.
Barbara did some laundry (this is done not with a washing machine and quarters - but with a bucket and good exercise). It was a great drying day so all the boats in the anchorage saw Michael's collection of boxers! Richard Davis remembers Barbara losing one of his t-shirts overboard in Grenada - well this time it was a pair of her underwear. But we successfully found them on the bottom and rescued them! The same fate was not to be had for Richard's shirt. (Still feel guilty about that!)

We also ran the city's desalination plant for awhile taking full advantage of the wind generator's energy making prowess. Michael discovered another water maker mystery - and why the tanks weren't filling. It has to do with the fill going into one of the vents and creating a vacuum. Anyway - that's solved.

Did some dinghy exploring and visiting other boats and used the onshore garbage eaters to discard of some table scraps (that would be the pigs). One woman in the anchorage (a Kiwi) apparently got bit yesterday by one pig - mistaking her finger as the carrot she was holding.

Last night was enchilada night…

Today (Tuesday) - is another very windy day so more projects. Everyday Michael gets out of bed at 6:30 (do you believe that???)to listen to a SSB weather report by Chris Parker who is the weather guru (or weasel depending on the forecast) for the islands. The report wasn't good this am - it looks like we'll be here for a few more days.

Barbara made some muffins this morning which was a treat. It seems all the radio talk around the anchorage is about baking bread - so Barbara decided she should as well. Plus we are out of bread. It's rising now - we'll see how it comes out. In the process of getting out all the cooking supplies from the various storage places - she found she didn't have her measuring spoons. She swears she put the really nice stainless ones on board - but they are nowhere to be found. So the baking was done
with a bit of "guesswork."

We'll report on the bread making success or failure later.

Waiting out weather for now…

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