Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bouncing in Boot Key

We are still at anchor outside of Boot Key Harbor - "keeping our eye on the three towers" as Jimbo would say. It is a bit choppy out here so we are rocking and rolling. It looks like the weather is still good for a tomorrow afternoon departure to cross the stream. We'll fuel up in the a.m. and then head out about 1 p.m. The stream is about 20 miles out and we'll ride the current north as we cross.

Last night we enjoyed a bottle of champagne (toasting our friends Pat and Gene who gifted it!) and had a lovely dinner - bringing out the fine china (that means the ceramic rather than plastic plates!) The fridge and freezer are still working great.

We've started reading in earnest - each finishing one book. The goal is to read the biggest and heaviest books - that we'll then trade for "smaller" books… yup, anything to lighten and limit the load.

We also tackled some more cleaning and organizing aboard. After figuring out how to empty the new tiny vacuum - we used its entire battery up for about a third of the boat. It's charged up for more cleaning today. The V-berth got emptied of one very heavy basket as we found homes for more food and spare parts. There's still a lot of stuff up there though.

A lot of boats left this morning from the harbor - most heading to the Bay Islands off Honduras - that sounded pretty good as well. But we'll be heading east…hopefully.

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