Friday, February 27, 2009

We Don't Poach. . . . . We Saute'

My marine scientist niece Kathryn has a concern about the collecting/eating of conch (she has a colleague tagging conch and studying them). So for the record - we have never taken undersized fish, shellfish or mollusks and abide by all the fisheries rules/protections/limits/seasons etc. So rest assured, though we do try to catch and eat some of our food (though haven't been so lucky lately)…we continue to be aware and concerned with the depletion of marine life.

We spent the day at Little Farmer's Cay and went ashore and walked every road on the island. We had lunch and conversation at Ocean Cabin. Terry Bain is the proprietor there and some folks told us that he was educated at Harvard. We had a great political discussion with Terry - who is optimistic and hopeful about our new President.

On tomorrow's menu: curried goat - and we did see the poor animal that gave its life to that cause - trussed up on the docks. It seemed to be the big event for the day on Little Farmer's - though we didn't stick around to watch the next phase of preparation!

We're now set to take off tomorrow for Georgetown. The wind is still blowing so we're not too optimistic that the seas will have calmed too much - but we'll stick our nose out into Exuma Sound and try our luck. We'll head out early to catch a slack tide through Little Farmer's Cut - the current is strong through these narrow cuts and with this wind we certainly don't want to hit it when the tide is roaring out and the wind is pushing waves in. So it will be an early start - plus it's a 45 mile trip and we need to get to Georgetown when there's plenty of light. If we don't make good time because of conditions, we have places to stop for the night and then head to Georgetown on Sunday.

We've got the fishing pole ready as well as our "yoyo" - so we're hoping our luck will change as we drag lures through the water. We've heard a few boats talking about the Mahi they've caught out there. In 2001 - it's where we caught a huge Wahoo. Hope our luck is as good. Fresh fish would be a treat.

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