Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hawk is Anchored at Hawksbill Cay

How appropriate! After a four and a half hour early morning motorsail from Highborne Cay, we've entered the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. The Park is a protected area consisting of many small cays, 15 major ones and covering 176 square miles. There are no commercial developments within the Park and the only residences are on privately owned islands. The Park was founded in 1959 and is overseen by The Bahamian National Trust. The goal of the Park is to protect the natural beauty and resources
of the Bahamas. This was critical as lobsters, conch and fish were disappearing from the islands and corals were getting destroyed by bleaching and dynamite. The Park has rangers patrolling the area and provides many areas with mooring bouys. You cannot take fish, turtle, crawfish (aka lobster), conch, or live marine life of any kind from the park…so the great hunter must wait.

This cay has beautiful white sandy beaches against the turquoise blue water. We chose to anchor between some rocks on a good holding sandy bottom overlooking several beautiful beaches, palm trees and some rocky ledges. We feel like we are in paradise having the anchorage all to ourselves (at 5 pm).

The wind is clocking around and is now coming more west-southwest. Not much protection here for those winds - but we're hoping for a relatively calm night. It's a little roll-ey - but after two nights in a row of this - we're sort of getting used to it.

We are planning a great steak dinner and using up our brussel sprouts before they go bad! Perhaps a nice bottle of red from the bilge wine cellar! We await a lovely sunset - looks like another green flash opportunity - we've had THREE so far!


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