Saturday, February 14, 2009

From Off Rose Island, Happy Valentines Day!

Isn't it appropriate to have picked "Rose Island" for Valentines? We wish all our family and friends a special day.

We are just off Nassau - but chose to anchor off this long narrow island prior to clearing customs because of a big front predicted for Monday and heavy northerlies. This is one of the few protected anchorages from the North. It's a pretty little bay but quite small. It took some careful maneuvering to get here - the depths were between 6-10 feet most of the way. Barbara did a bow watch and needs more practice "reading the water." How soon we forget!

If we cleared in at a marina today - and came here tomorrow - we feared it would be full. When we arrived late this afternoon (around 4 pm) it was already pretty full and we tucked in between two boats…so we're pretty cozy with our neighbors. One more boat just came in.

Our other option was to be stuck in a marina for three days until this front passes - but we didn't want to spend the cruising kitty (at $90 plus a day that wipes out the cruising dollars fast). So we'll officially clear in on Tuesday and spend that one night at the marina. We've been on the boat now for 8 straight days and we'll be ready to walk around, do some laundry and pick up a few groceries.

We anchored last night off the Northwest Channel Light on the Bahama Bank (which is both standing and working!!!) and left there at 6 am. We made the 50 mile trip in pretty good time motoring (though we had the main up) through the "Tongue of the Ocean" to get here. It is very deep - off the depth sounder - and we dragged lures all day. I fantasized about a candlelight wahoo or mahi dinner with my sweetie - but alas - it's burritos! We tried four different lures throughout the day, Skunked!

It's been a long day - so we'll call it an early night and have all day tomorrow to relax before the storm hits on Monday. Hopefully it'll pass quickly and on Tuesday we can be on the move again. This is a nice little place to be "stuck."

Happy Valentine's Day…

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